Types of Machetes & Styles – Choose the Most Elegant for Use!

Do you know what a Machete is and how many types of machetes on the market? Have a look at the below image for the different machete styles. but, before going into depth about machete designs let’s understand what the machete is all about.  It is a broad blade utilized either in combat like a short sword or as an implement like an ax.

The typical length measurement of this tool is about 32.5 to 45 cm, and its thickness is 3mm. Machete is a dangerous and sharp tool, and you should not keep it open. Keep this tool in its sheath if you are taking it from one place to another. It is taken as an agricultural tool as per the United States Law. Unlike sword and stabbing knives, these are weapons. It comes with a sharp blade.

types of Machetes


Around the world record as per archeologists, this is a hunting knife that is used as a cutting tool. It is a useful knife for hunting as well. It is not very much large for hunting. The first Machete has been made in Spain, and it was crafted again from the Quasi-Sword.

Machete is a Spanish word that means cutting tools. Yes, in Spain, it was used for numerous cutting implementations. It comes in a variety of sizes and is used for different cutting needs. Before, 18th century, it was prepared by hand.

Types of Machetes & Styles

It is divided into different categories as per their formation. This tool consists of different blade designs with lightweight and thin composition. This category machete is used to cut the soft vegetation, and the tools that contain thick blade are meant for cutting hard vegetables.

Whenever you go for buying the Machete, you must know the types of products and most importantly the objective of machete uses. It is vital that you first check the purpose of your tool. It will be good for you because it enables you to select the best machetes blade design to handle your tasks. It comes with a sharp blade.

Machetes come in all sizes and shapes. Throughout its solid history in different areas of the world, these items contain adaptation, styles, and features for certain environments and use. Styles and names are different in different areas. People use these products as per their cutting needs.

In different areas of the world, it is used and formed in different styles and sizes. Its composition is based on the region’s tradition and requirements. Some of its modern and famous types are given below.

1. Barong Machete

Barong Machete

Barong machete is famous for its leaf-shaped unique blade that is sharp from one side as per the tradition. Yes, this is a traditional cutting tool that is used in different tribes. Philippine’s people use this tool to frighten European colonizes because of its tendency to cut through rifle barrels.

Philippine is the birth origin of this tool, and these people use it for livestock slaughter and hunting. It is famous with the other names like Rawit and Barung. It is easily available online and in the market.

If you are going to buy these items, always check the quality. It contains a unique configuration that makes it highly efficient. Enjoy its longevity because it is made of durable material. You can use all types of cutting. This is great for farming.

This Machete is formed in a variety of shapes and styles, including oval, square, and round. It is safe in freezers, oven, and microwave. It is portable due to the light material. For offering easy cleaning, this collection is admirable. These are obviously as per the current needs of modern users.

2. Billhook Machete

Billhook Machete

It is a wonderful cutting tool that comes with a curved blade. This is one of the best tools that are ideal for chopping. People use it to cut tree chunks and for snedding. It is a process in which a person strip side the buds and shoots from the branch. The sharpened and hooked blade offers ease to grip the product. Most of the people use it to cut brambles and vines.

It is utilized to cut small woody items like branches, shrubs, grapevines, and others. It is great for maintenance and hedge construction. The charcoal makers utilize it in woodlot management and coppicing. Its other names are Coa, Sheaf Hook, Reaping Hook, and Bagging Hook.

On the market, this product is easily available. The extraordinary shine of the blade makes it an eye-catchy product. All the items contain mirror polish. It is highly perfect for your use due to eco-friendly nature. It provides perfect cutting. You can eat these thin slices.

It is dishwasher safe and is safe for the cutting of all types. It is made of stainless steel. The shiny blade is sharp and durable for long term use. You will like its anti-toxic material. The Machete is ideal for offering high-quality cutting for farming and all agricultural needs.

You will like these products because of the high-quality functionality. These are designed in a modern way to handle the specific cutting needs of modern agriculture.

3. Bolo Machete

Bolo Machete

Bolo Machete is famous in Southeastern Asia and it is popular for farming and the use of the other agriculture needs. It works as a harvesting tool for row of the crops that are narrow like mung beans, peanuts, soybeans and rice because of the bulge. Its fore blade offers additional chopping power.

It is used in the Philippines and those people use it for chopping woody vegetation, harvesting crops and it is a compact item for all these things.

4. Bowie Machete

Bowie Machete

It boasts a skinner trip and a clip point for skinning wild game. This type of Machete is famous among the backwoodsmen and survivalists. It is common in United States and its uses are several.

Those people were using it for hunting as well. You can get this product with some other names like Wilderness machete, survival machete, large bowie knife and others.

5. Bush Machete

Bush Machete

The famous all-purpose Bush Machete contains straight back and a normal blade. It tends to be weighted evenly because it is stout fairly. You will find it portable and it is able to fit in the sheath.

Latin America is its birthplace. This is good for cutting all items and green vegetation. On the market, it is available with the name of Latin Style Machete.

6. Cane Machete

Cane Machete

This item is great for blunt-tipped, and wide Machete is excellent for hacking sugar cane and corn stalk. You will see that its blade is hooked and it allows the users to drag the chopped cane from the plants still standing. Its blade is thin and it is used to cut through cane style vegetation.

People can use it for corn stalks, bamboo, rice, sugar cane and others. It is famous with the name Machete de Suelo, Espading, cleaver and corn knife.

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7. Colima Machete

Colima Machete

Its blade is sharpening on both sides and it allows sweeping cut motion on the both ends backhand and forehand strokes. It is used to support in cleaning on the backstroke. Its origin is Central Asia and its uses are several. People use it for large swath vegetation mowing.

On the market, it is available with the name of the Panzon, Costeno, Caguaoyano, and Acapluqueno. This is great for agriculture use. This is the reason; it is one of the most vital types of Machete.

8. Hawkbill Machete

Hawkbill Machete

This is a curved machete that contains curves from both sides. Its tip is highly sharp, and it is designed to cut very hard material. This is the product that offers easy cutting of the vegetation. It is used to cut the grass and reaped items. You will recognize it with the name of Cuma.

9. Kukri Machete

Kukri Machete

This is one of the best products that is designed with a sharp blade that contains three parts. These parts are narrow area near the handle for carving and whittling, wide midsection for chopping, and pointed tip for stabbing. Nepal is its origin. People use it for cutting vegetation, and it is used in Central Asia. It is famous with the name of Rawit and Gurkha Blade

The best-styled Kukri Machete offers a wide range of functionality for executing a wide variety of carving. The broad range of designs is extremely exclusive. You can purchase a branded item to attain the best quality. These machetes are designed in a modern way to meet modern farming cutting needs.

It brings the most recent style to customers around the globe. It will let you enjoy a wonderful dinner or lunch with these innovative items. This is a user’s friendly item that is easy to use.

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10. Panga Machetes

Panga Machetes

It is formed in the area of the Caribbean and Africa. With its deep belly, it offers weight for curvature for slicing and chopping. The upturned point concentrates force in the small area to pierce. This item is used for slicing and cutting hard woody vegetation.

You can find it in the market with the names of the Burriquito, Daga, Liniero, and Rozador. Start decorating from the dining table with delightful dishes.

It will make your guests amazed with its elegant appearance. Beautifully prepared dishes will be the center of all eyes. This 100% efficiency is a burlap texture that feels the medium-weight item.

It is perfect for home use. It adds extra flair to your special event. This is a rustic, simple, and nice table runner. It is easy to use. It is available in various sizes and styles.

11. Parang Machetes

Parang Machetes

It is famous with the name of Golok machete. It comes with a curved shaped blade, and both sides have sharp edge blades. It is like a scimitar, and it tends to be long and heavy. It is used in Indonesia. This thick blade item is good for cutting woody material without lodging in the material. It is available with the names of sable, bedog, and Golok.

It contains an exclusive quality. You will like this product because it is a compact, lightweight and durable item. Most of the farmers use this product for cutting and other needs. It delivers the quality that satisfies the customers due to the finest quality. It is designed with modern technology.

Today, these machetes are designed with a variety of styles and designs. You can use it for all styles of cutting in your agricultural fields and farms. All these devices are made up of solid and sturdy material that is durable enough in use.

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12. Heavy machetes

Heavy machetes

It is the workhorse of machetes. It is heavy because of the blade design. It comes with a variety of weight towards the top. You can use it for cutting woody and thick vegetation easier. It contains rich and innovative designs. The great recognition of these knives is to provide you the royal appearance and special feel by offering this style product that is full of extensive modernism.

These are extremely economical. The tools are extremely economical, versatile, and simple. This new equipment is particularly intended to work anyplace, and needs just to work, permitting you to appreciate an outclass riding when there is no force source accessible.

13. Survival Machete

Survival Machete

Survival Machete is a wonderful combination of a variety of features. Its sharp blade is good to provide ease in cutting. It is a heavy-duty item that is utilized for chopping and splitting wood. The blunt tip of the Machete is an excellent pry bar. It helps people to offer then security for a safe rescue in any situations.

It is ideal to dig pit during camping or hiking. Its backside works like a saw, and the front side is good to pounding stakes. This heavy-duty item is good for offering you longevity. You will enjoy its functionality for the long time.

14. Latin Machete

Latin Machete

This is a type of Machete that comes with thin shape and long handle. It helps stating balanced while working. This is very easy to use for the people to perform their cutting tasks. You can use it as a multi-purpose tool that increases your efficiency. Due to its slim and sleek design, it is in great demand.

15. Combat Machete

Combat Machete

The Japanese blade design machete comes with a strong point and it is used for piercing armor. Best Combat Machete sharp blade is good enough for cutting and long handle offers a good grip. In this way, you can use it safely.

16. Tactical Machete

Tactical Machete

This is the type of Tactical Machete that is utilized as the tool for self-defense. Most of the people use this item for survival needs. It is designed as a slash tool. If you want to get vine in the forest then you have clear the area. This Machete will help you a lot.

You can use it during your camping as well. It is like a sword and some other tactical functions like sawing. It is a compact tool that is good for hikers and campers.


So, as you have noticed that there are broad types of machetes on the market these days, it ranges from light-duty to heavy-duty material. These are used for cutting things and available with the variation of the blade thickness, size, and designs. Now, you need to learn about the complete features of the Machete that you are going to buy.

Choose the item that can fulfill your needs. To get an appropriate item, you need to check the blade size and design. Length and thickness matter a lot. For the soft item’s cutting, it is good to buy a thin and lightweight item. For the hard products, prefer thick blade and long length because it is a heavy-duty item.


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