How to Make a Butterfly Knife

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"Balisong"- An origination of a small village in the Philippines that was renowned for its knives, basically refers to Butterfly Knives.

In the text below I will give a step-by-step guide on How to Make a Butterfly knife easily.

You can consider it a DIY project but these butterfly knives have been famous for so long.

Well, it is solely upon your discretion to select a method and learn How to make Butterfly Knife at home. You can make it by using popsicle sticks or cardboard.

Both materials produce the same result as the original Butterfly knife is shaped, but the blade obviously will not work, hence making it harmless and suitable for all ages.

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How to Make A Butterfly Knife like A Pro!

How To Make Butterfly Knife
How To Make Butterfly Knife

Scrutiny of a Butterfly Knife

Butterfly knife seems to be very tricky and technical in its particular composition and shape. But in reality, it is very simple and easy to design with cardboard or popsicle sticks. Let us scrutinize its parts first.

Composite Parts:

Blade: It is sharp steel that gets the actual job done for you.

Tang Pin: It refers to a pin or a small steel rod that keeps the blade in its position n makes it stand firm in the opening position.

Hinges: Hinges refers to the holes that secure all the parts of the knife at one central point. It allows and eases the movement of the blade in rotatory motion.

Safe Handles: Safe handles make it easy to hold the knife and improve your grip during the procedures. Moreover, when you try to close the knife, these safe handles touch the blade spines and hinder the contact of your hand and cutting sharp edges.

Latch: It is a cover in which you can store the knife securely for a longer time. This is the whole anatomical composition of the Butterfly knife. By now we are well aware of each part of the knife,

let discuss, How to make a butterfly knife now.


Here, we will discuss two methods to make a Butterfly Knife:

1. How to make a butterfly knife using popsicle sticks

2. How to make a Butterfly knife with cardboard.

How to Make Butterfly using Popsicle Sticks

Step1: Gathering Tools and Material

Materials Required:

This project is cheap and fun to work on. It does not require any technical knowledge, tool, or trick. Furthermore, the required materials are easily available in your house.

We need;

  • Popsicle sticks
    • A hard card: It can be any gift card or credit card
    • Weights / any heavy object/nuts
    • Nails or any thin metal rod

Required Tools:

  • Pliers
    • Scissor
    • Glue
    • A thumbtack or a drill
    • Clamps or Binder Clips( Optional)

Step 2: Grasping the Handles:

At first, we will make handles. For this, you need four popsicle sticks. Now, align the sticks on one another and make sure to secure them using clips. Take a marker and while measuring down the tip of the stick for 0.5 cm and draw a small mark over there.

Now take a drill and make a hole on the mark with a diameter as small as the tip of the nail which you have decided to use. Till now our sticks are ready with a hole of tiny diameter at the top.

In the next step, you need 2 popsicle sticks. Take two sticks a mark a diagonal line over the top of around 1 inch in length at both sides of the sticks in a way that it makes a V- notch tip. Take a saw or a plier and cut the drawn lines to make a V-shaped tip.

In the last step, you need adhesive glue, take whatever you think will work best on wood. Now take the two handle parts and make sure to align their symmetry in a way that all the holes are in range. Glue up the one set of four and the other set of Two V-notch sticks together. By now, you have two pieces of handles ready in your hand.

Step 3: Use Weights:

Although this step is optional but is highly recommended to get a perfect-shaped butterfly knife. Here you aim to get a perfect balance between the sticks where there are no holes. The best choice in this step is placing nuts.

Step 4: Making Blade Hinges:

Hold the hard cardboard that you aimed to use. Credit cards and gift cards work best. Take your credit card and draw two rectangles on it that are ½ inches wide and 1 inch long. Clip these two rectangles together rand and drill a hole (make sure that the alignment of the hole should be in range). The distance between the holes of the two rectangles should be a bit wider than the distance between the Popsicle stick holes.

Step 5: Making Blade:

To make a blade, use a Popsicle stick and drill the hole at the top of the stick. Now take a card / plastic card and using glue stick it exactly above the hole. to make its tips you can cut the one end of the stick in a sharp edge shape also. Be sure that the plastic card doesn't cover the hole on either side.

Step 6: Making Hinges Rotate:

To make the hinges rotate, we need hinge pins. Take a steel nail and using a plier make three pieces of 1.25 cm pins.

"Don't use the tip of the nail."

Out of three, use one pin as a Tang prep while the other two are used to settle the handles to the blade. It is better to put a drop ( a very tiny drop) of the glue on the pin to secure it tightly. Here is a trick that a pin should be secured in a way that it should not hinders the ror=tatory motion of the blade, nor should fly off when used.

Step 7: Final Look:

Your Popsicle butterfly knife is now ready to use. you can use it now for your routine to get the job done.

How to Make Butterfly Knife using Cardboard:

Things you need to Make Butterfly Knife from Cardboard:

  • Ruler
    • Cutter
    • Cotton
    • Glue
    • Pencil

Here is a Step-by-Step guide on How to Make a Butterfly knife using cardboard.

1. Take strong hard cardboard.

2. Draw a template on the cardboard with 8 rectangles 4 two handles, using 2 rectangles for each. Now, draw two rectangles of the exactly same width and length with a triangular edge shape drawn at one end and rounded stand at the other end and four small rectangles for latches.

3. Using a paper cutter, consciously cut the template as drawn. It is recommended to use a scale along the paper cutter to get an exact straight line.

4. Take the two rectangles that were drawn in the shape of the blade edge at one end and glue these two together to make it stronger. Pierce a hole at both ends of the blade stand.

5. Similarly, make two hand handles and two-bite handles by pasting 2 rectangles on one another to make a stronger handle. At one end make a hole almost 0.5 inches above the tip for the bite handle and the hand handle will have holes at both ends.

* Make sure of the alignments while pasting and after that put these pasted rectangles under a flat heavier object to get an exact finish.

6. Make the middle part of the handles. Use 3 rectangles and make two handles. Similarly, make the latches too.

7. Now place one middle handle on the side of the safety handles, leave one inch of space from top and bottom. Similarly, paste the other middle handle in between the bite handles

8. Using clips, secure both the handles at mid and let the glue get dry.

9. Edges of the handles should be round.

10. To assemble, take a cotton bud to use as an axle, remove the bud and use the stick pieces to secures the holes in between blades and handles. Use can also use a drop of glue to get a tighter finisher.

11. Assure that the bite handle should be on the left side and the safe handle on the right side. Moreover, the rounded open end of the handles should be outward. Slide the blade rounded stand holes in these openings and put sticks inside.

12. Check the rotatory motion of the handles after placing sticks. And place the latch in to align the holes at the other end of the handles. You need to secure the latch with a stick too.

13. Use another layer of cardboard in between the latch layers to make it thicker than the body of the handles. Secure it with the clip and let the glue dry.

*Don't forget to put a tiny drop of glue in every hole to get the best-secured knife.
Your Butterfly knife is ready to use now.


Well, that was all a detailed description of how to make a butterfly knife. You can select the procedure that you feel works best for you out of the two above-mentioned procedures.

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