10 Best Kukri Machete for Bushcraft [2021]


Tops Bushcrafter Kukuri


Tops TPBKUK01-BRK Bushcrafter Kukuri

  • Elegant design
  • Made in USA
  • Sharp cutting knife



         Authentic Gurkha Kukri



  • Sharp Cutting range
  • Best for clearing
  • Reinforced handle grip



Honshu Boshin Kukri



  • Gurkha Army Knife
  • Sharp cutting blade
  • Ideal for survival times


Preppers living across the USA or any other state where densely populated forests exist are always in a need of a quality machete and Modern Kukri knives.

You might have to visit a place filled with long bushes, swamps, vines, and thick grass.

If you have some plans to dive into the deep jungle, then without carrying the Best Kukri machete 2021, the idea is quite risky.

It has the power to handle all the cutting chores, with much efficiency while one can cut down a long lengthy tree into small chunks within minimal time. The Kurkure are regarded as the best jungle knives and the perfect survival toolkit. The Best Kukri Knives are the best machete ever made on this planet.

The style of the blades, the quality of the handle, and the length of the machete are the bona field deciding features that help in buying decisions. Either you are looking for the perfect Axe styled or hatchet machete – you just have to find the need and then check out the machetes accordingly.

This article will review the top best Kukri machetes available for sale and best value for money that will provide resilient support during forest trips, jungle adventure, survival times, hardwood cutting, and even chopping the populated fields.

10 Best Kukri Machete for Bushcraft [2021]





1.Tops TPBKUK01-BRK Bushcrafter Kukuri – The Elegantly Styled

2.Authentic Gurkha Kukri Knife – 12″ Blade  the Beast Kukri – Nepal homemade
3.Honshu Boshin Kukri with Genuine Leather Belt Sheath  –Fixed Blade Device
4.EGKH. Service No.1 Gripper Handle Kukri  – Hand Forged Blade machete
5.SOG SOGfari Kukri Machete – Rubber Handle, Nylon Sheath – Saw Back Knife
6.Cold Steel 97KMPS Machete, Kukri Plus W/Sheath – Polypropylene handle
7.Ontario 6420 OKC Kukri Knife (Black) – The Black Machine
8.EGKH.Genuine Gurkha Aeof Kukri – 11″  – The Afghan kukri
9.Magnum 01MB511 Pocket Kukri Knife with 4-5/8 in.  – The pocket cutting beast
10.Cold Steel 97MKM Magnum Kukri – The monster

Tops TPBKUK01-BRK Bushcrafter Kukuri

This Kukri Style Machete is one of the most popular because of its high-quality standards and super class cutting range. This knife is made in the USA and can withstand all crucial situations, never letting your cutting performance down. The brand TOPS is reputed and famed for its top-quality machete production.

The overall length of this machete is around 13 inches. This is a short-styled knife that is easy to carry and hold. Find a sharp 7 inches long and carbon steel made kukri styled blade adding strength to its cutting. The machete is layered with a rust resistive coating that assures its durability and long-lasting performance.

The Kukri styled machete is a full tang cutting device, that has an extended structure while having a lanyard hole on the handle. It features a Black linen Micarta handle that comes with an added gripping quality and provides users a balanced stroke.

Enjoy its easy-to-use performance and high-quality grip enabling you to unlock advanced features of the kukri machete. Its compatible with complex cutting while the handle with sheath adds strength to the grip. Find the diverse Mil-spec olive drab ballistic nylon MOLLE that adds value to this kukri style machete.

The machete is a knife style cutting gadget with guaranteed performance and sharp strokes. This is built to last over years and comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Best value-added product under a certain price range!

Key Features:
  • Made in the USA
  • Manufactured through high standards
  • The overall length is around 13 inches
  • The machete is stylish
  • Sharp cutting knife
  • Kukri styled blade
  • Black handle with a solid grip
  • A full tang device
  • The machete is stylish
  • It comes with a limited lifetime warranty
  • Full tang knife
  • Its is light in weight
  • Sharp 7 inches blade

  • It is short sized machete



This machete is famous for its elegant style and sharp cutting performance. Considered as a kukri beast, this homemade machete is a manual cutting machine that is built to last over years. The device has an ideal size and known for its flawless cutting.

With 12 inches blade, you find 3 fullers and making this regular knife a beast kukri. The blade is made through high standard carbon steel that is semi-polished, avoiding the reflection. This also makes the blade rust corrosive and that’s why the machete lasts long.

Note down its rosewood handle, that is tossed with the beautiful buffalo leather. The added grip maximizes the hold and balanced the strokes. The handle is short in size, around 5 inches that are considered as an ideal length. The machete is a one-piece product, as the handle and the blades are attached like a single piece.

Find the added lanyard hole to support multi-level gripping. The machete is a fit item to cut the wood and to chop the crushes. Enjoy its maximum performance and measure a quick cutting range. The product comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

The Gurkha Kukri Knife is an authentic Full tang blade, hand forge by the blacksmith, and designed with care and for high-level performance. Best value-added product under this budget. Preferred by the professional machete users in the world. It is believed to be the best kukri machete brand in the market.

Key Features:
  • 12″ high grade carbon steel blade
  • It has a Semi-Polished structure
  • The blade is around 8mm thick
  • Its handle is around 5 inches
  • Full tang machete
  • Handle made of Rosewood
  • Overall size is 17 inches
  • Beautiful outlook
  • Sharp Cutting range
  • Best for clearing bushes
  • Reinforced handle grip
  • Rosewood handle

  • Heavy in weight



The machete is around 19.63″ overall length. It’s been considered as best Kukri Machete over years because of its high-quality stainless steel made blade and the sharp cutting. Build through standard processes, this fl tang machete is an ideal device to carry for cutting.

The machete features 13.13″ satin finish 7Cr17MoV stainless blade. This comes with additional layers, making the blade friction less and sharpening its cutting performance. An ideal gadget for chopping the trees, cutting plants and often used a survival toolkit.

The product has a Black TPR handle. You can find a Lanyard hole that strengthens the grip and make this Kukri styled machete and stroke supporting device. An added black leather belt for comfortable carrying. People take it during forest trips and outdoor recreations.

The full tang machete structure with an added blend of traditional and moderns style not only makes this device beautiful but empowers its precise cutting. It is textured with an ergonomically contoured TPR stylish handle that comes with lanyard hole for variant grip and balanced performance.

The professional finds this machete perfect standing device during the dense vine cutting, deep jungle wood chopping, and even for the clearing of bushes. The distinctive inward Gurkha bladed structure is just built to maximize its cutting efficiency.

The device mostly comes with a limited lifetime warranty and evolved through years of modification, finally reshaping to the final resultant design. Mostly made in the USA with the highest benchmarked standards. This machete is ideal to carry and buy a device under a certain prime limit.

Key Features:
  • Gurkha Army Knife
  • Hand Forged Blade
  • Sharp cutting blade
  • Ideal for survival times
  • Buffalo handle
  • 10 inches polished blade
  • Ideal for skinning animals
  • Stylish device
  • Easy to carry
  • Used for multipurpose cutting
  • Sharp blade
  • Strong handle
  • Reinforced grip

  • Long sized machete


Nepal made kukri styled machete is a high-end cutting device, having repute and fame among machete lovers. You can find its quality as made through the highest army benchmarked standards. Feel its beautiful grip, sharp cutting, and overall, it is a family heirloom.

Gurkha Army Kukri Knife is well famous amongst the Gurkha soldiers. It’s been retained by the offices during their army career and that’s why build with no quality comprise policy. It is usually used during Parade while in general use, people carry it during the jungle trips.

Its sharp blade is designed for efficient cutting, can be used for skinning animals and to chop the large trees. Its top-notch blade maximizes the reinforced strokes and can balance any enemy blade. The 10.5 inches Polished blade is made through standards material, low friction, and sharpens for quick cutting.

This device has a buffalo handle and designed to confirm a comfortable grip always. One can carry the machete the whole day without stress and getting tired. The official length claimed to be around 3/8 inches at the spine. The full tang structure once again makes this machete a professional to use the device.

Measure its performance during the survival time, chopping wood, cutting the grass, and in ideal toolkit during the jungle trips. The manufacturers pay attention to detail while crafting this machete. Its confirmed performance adds value to price.

Key Features:
  • Gurkha Army Knife
  • Hand Forged Blade
  • Sharp cutting blade
  • Ideal for survival times
  • Buffalo handle
  • 10 inches polished blade
  • Ideal for skinning animals
  • Its style is awesome
  • Used a family heirloom
  • Army standard design
  • Cutting precision
  • Ideal blade length
  • Divers cutting performance

  • The machete has large size



The SOGfari machetes are a valuable addition to the SOG family. This is a kukri style machete that is evolved through hundreds of revisions, and finally securing a designed supporting high end cutting performance. These machetes are one of the most intelligent and productive cutting tools in the world

The design is built to the last ad backed by a limited lifetime warranty. Find its 12 inches sharp blade that is made through the carbon steel with saw back. It has an added layer to prevent rust and make it a less friction device, along with a less reflective toolkit.

The machete can clear trials and brushes. It been an ideal device for the woodcutting, blazed trails, to chop the trees, during shelter times, and even to hunt and prepare the meals. The standards are so high, escaping this machete from the maul sharpening timely. You never need techniques like sharpening stone for kukri machete performance.

The company focuses on the weight of the product, making it ideally fit and easy to carry a device. Either you are a newbie or a professional machete user, the weight is perfect and the machete is convenient to carry and use. The lanyard hole is available on the handle, allowing multi-dimension grip.

These also allow air to pass and it seemed machete is singing. The extended rubber handle adds strength to the grip. This cutting gadget handles supporting pounding, piercing, and scrapping the stuff. Best for survival times and firewood cutting! The nylon sheath makes this a non-slippage device and supporting a balanced stroke.

Key Features:
  • Made in china
  • Built with standard processed
  • Ideal for Clear trails and brush
  • It has Kraton rubber handle
  • Its weight is around 15 ouches
  • Comes with limited life time warranty
  • The machete supports sharp cutting
  • Lanyard holes
  • Built for performance and durability
  • High standards material used
  • Nylon sheath added handle
  • Precise cutting device
  • Light weight
  • Big sized




The Cold Steel Kukri Plus Machete is like a sword with high-level cutting range and efficiency. The kukri styled machete is a perfect weapon to carry during the survival times and jungle trips. It is made through best industry standards and categorized as top-level machete.

The full tang cutting device is encapsulated through a grip-friendly and comfortable handle. This is ergonomically designed for safe and protected grip, supporting a balanced stroke always. The blade is guarded with an additional protected layer for rust corrosion while it’s made of carbon steel.

You can carry this machete for the brush cutting and it’s been a perfect tool to chop the fields. The black coated blade and polypropylene handle collectively assures a performance that is built to last over years. The machete comes with a limited life time warranty.

It is 18 inches in size, with 5 inches long handle and about 13 inches blade. The 1055 carbon steel blade is around 2.8mm thick that adds strength to the cutting. An added cor-ex sheath confirms that the device cutting range will last years and proves ideal during every single stroke.

Featuring a rust resistant baked on matte black coating, you can expect efficient cutting all through hard times and survival needs. The machete is an ideal toolkit to buy and made through standard processes. It has perfect weight and a slight lengthy structure around 18 inches. Best value-added machete available in the world.

Key Features:
  • Its Blade is around 2.8 mm thick
  • The machete handle is 5″ long
  • Polypropylene Handle
  • Overall length is 18″
  • 1055 carbon steel blade
  • 13″ Blade Length
  • Kukri Styled machete
  • Best for chopping and cutting
  • Beautiful Styled Machete
  • Best for chopping
  • Light weight
  • Blade is sharp
  • USA Standard
  • This is a long device



Founded in 1889, the machete is made by the famous Ontario Knife Company. Over years, OKC produced one of the fine quality tools, ideal in kitchen use and best for chopping. The machete has been used for fishing, as survival item and even in medical field.

From the traditional designs to the current modern style, the machete has evolved through time and you can find its best version currently. This machete is crafted for US military standards and been used since World War 2. The company is proud to sell the machete over 35 countries.

This fixed blade knife has 1095 carbon steel blade, tough and durable. An added layer supporting the performance and making the product looks elegant, rust resistive and sharp cutting toolkit. The blade length is around 12 inches with edge structure, best for chopping and piercing.

It weighs around 18 ounces with an average length around 17 inches. The product has closed of 4.17 inches making it an ideal to carry toolkit. What’s your plans to buy the kukri styled machete? Well, this one always proves efficient during all situations.

The black colored handle with glossy touch and added nylon sheath confirms non slippage performance. It also supports balanced and reinforced strokes – that’s why, preferred by the machete lovers. Best value added product under budgeted price.

Key Features:
  • It is made of 1095 Carbon Steel
  • Sharp cutting performance
  • 12-inch plain edge blade
  • Back handle
  • Added nylon sheath
  • Solid grip
  • Ergonomically designed handled
  • Stylish machete
  • It has strengthened grip
  • Black sharp blade
  • It has 12 inches plain edge blade
  • Ideal for cutting and piercing
  • Available in black color



This Kukri styled machete has been used during Afghan war and named after it. It has been proved as a fit ideal item and cutting device during the reign. Find this machete as a cutting machine during chopping, clearing and cutting woods.

The machete overall length is around 16 inches and owing sharp. The overall length of the blade is around 11 inches, double fullered, and comes with a semi-polished coating. The blade is fabricated through high class and top graded steel and that’s why, supporting a sharp cutting.

The machete has rosewood handle with a unique distinctive shape. Find its finger grip style that supports solid and comfortable hold. Natural leather is added to the handle for its extra strength and makes the machete a pure non slippage device.

It’s been used for animal skinning and to cut the brushed, chop down trees and even to pierce the meet. The designed is confirmed through craftsmanship white this is mostly a hand-crafted kukri machete available with slight variation.

The weight is around 1.76 lbs and overall length around 16 inches. The blade is 11 inches in length with thickness. A semi polished, water tempered steel blade with buffalo handle is making this machete an ideal return on investment device.

Key Features:
  • Stylish look
  • Buffalo handle
  • Solid grip
  • Weight around 1.76 lbs
  • Balanced strokes
  • Semi polished carbon blade
  • Sharp and precise cutting
  • Best for animal skinning
  • Steel blade machete
  • Supports reinforced strokes
  • Strengthen grip
  • Beautiful buffalo handle
  • Used for cutting and chopping

  • Some don’t like semi polished blade



This is a pocket sword and considered as best cutting knife. The machete is kukri styled structure with straight edged blades, supporting chopping, cutting and even piercing. Check its impressive outlook and elegant appearance.

The magnum 01MB511 feels like monstrous and a beast kukri. The professional machete users love this because of its carving and light chopping features. Its been a fit cutting gadget during any outdoor tasks and survival times. The blade is around 1.5 inches length and made through high graded 440 stainless steel.

In addition to sharp blade, the machete has G-10 handle with stainless steel liners. The added lanyard holes support its comfortable grip. The overall length is around 10.3 inches with 7.5 oz. weight. Best value-added machete for a perfect performance.

The company’s signatures are engraved at the blade, popping the presence and making it look outstanding. The machete is idea for light tasks and even can withstand during the clearing the bushes. Well known for its quick precise cutting and comfortable balanced handle grip.

The company has been fabricating the machete through high graded standards and empowering users with the features of accurate cut. The distinctive feature is its steel liner handle that is elongated equally as the blade sized – that’s why named as pocket knife. This kukri is also a famous throwing knife

Key Features:
  • Overall blade length around 4-…-inch
  • It has straight edge blade
  • Blade made through 440 stainless steel
  • Machete has stainless steel liners
  • It has Lanyard hole over handle
  • overall length is 7.5 inches
  • The weight is 7.5 oz
  • Comes with limited lifetime warranty
  • Designed build to last
  • Light weight
  • Short pocket knife
  • High graded carbon used
  • Sharp and precise

  • Very short blade length



The cold steel Magnum Kukri is made in USA with highest standards and having a blade thickness around 2mm. Find this an ideal support and toolkit during jungle adventure and even if you are lost in a desert. Can be used for multi-dimensional cutting purpose.

The machete is powerful enough to cut down and slash the animals, fishes and even giant trees. This is known as deadly weapon while called as it’s a beast cutting gadget. The kukri style makes it a reputable and famous accessory and top-rated machete in the world.

It is so cheap and useful as recommended for every machete lover. A valuable addition to your machete portfolio. High quality 1055 Carbon Steel is used to fabricate its blade with its tough spring temper surface for sharp performance.

The angle blade can bite deeply to the object and thus making it a chopping and piercing device. It has Cor-Ex sheath with 17 inches blade confirming its productivity and efficiency. The 5 inches handle is quite enough for a comfortable hold.

Its blade is baked and anti-rust finished with added corrosive layer. Owing a sharp cutting, this machete has comfortable Polypropylene handle that supports a solid, resilient and strengthen grip always. No need manual sharpening timely as the blade performance lasts over years.

Can be used as an ideal gadget for breaking, cracking, chopping and cutting during the survival times. May be a preferred machete toolkit for the backyard garden even. USA standard and confirmed machete with 22 inches measured length.

Key Features:
  • It is made in the USA
  • The blade is around 17 inches
  • Made through stainless steel
  • Blade thickness is 2mm
  • Overall Length is 22 inches
  • Blade with Anti Rust Matte Finish
  • Cor-Ex Sheath
  • 5 inches Long Polypropylene Handle
  • Angle styled blade
  • Comfortable and solid grip
  • Stylish and easy to carry
  • Angle bladed
  • Rust Resistive
  • Sharp stainless-steel blade
  • Polypropylene Handle

  • Long styled machete


Buyer Guide for the Best Kukri Machete

It is always significant to select or pick your kukri knife keenly and after considering a lot of decisive factors. You might be wondering to find best kukri machete in the world that confirms a flawless performance every time.


this buyer guide will help you to get to know about the key points to keep in mind while choosing a good quality kukri!

#1. Blade

The blade is the first and foremost feature or attribute of a machete. It is considered that the kukri knives come with sharp and solid high graded blade. Either you find blade made up high carbon steel or stainless steel, both confirms sharp cutting performance.

The carbon steel blades are highly durable and are cheap while the stainless-steel blades are expensive but their cutting efficiency is much improved and build to last years. These bladed come with anti-rust coating, so these kukri blades look awesome forever!

#2. Handle

The handle design, size and its materials in kukri knives is important. Mostly you need to find a comfortable handle that is neither too short, not too long. Mostly a rubber layer is added with solid nylon sheath to support balanced strokes and to ensure a solid non slippage grip.

Some handles are handmade and traditionally designed to withstand with time and space. Choose the machete with lanyard hole in the handle to confirm a resilient grip always.

#3. Cut-Out

There is a cut-out over the blade! Basically, it is a small notch over the blade, that is placed just to differ the machetes with the knife. It has no big role in cutting or improving performance efficiency. It adds style and enhance the overall look of the machete always. Instead of decorative purpose, it helps in shock and vibrant absorption.

#4. Tang

Tang is that portion of blade that is integrated with the handle. The traditional styled kukri knives mostly lack the tang but modern styled kukri knives come either with full or semi tanged structure. You must be careful and confirm this additional feature, so you invest money in the best kukri machete.

#5. Sheath

All the machetes come with sheath over the blade and even across the handle. It supports solid grip, non-slippage features and confirms durability of the blade. Nylon sheath is mostly added across the blade and making it a rust resistive device with improved cutting and chopping performance.


Who makes the best kukri machete?

Its hard to name a single company. Most of the times, it depends on the user preferences and use. The USA made machetes are best considered all over the world.

What is the best kukri machete?

SOG SOGfari Kukri Machete can be named as an excellent cutting device.

What is the best machete on the market?

You need to find your machete use and then search. SOG SOGfari Kukri Machete can be considered as a good option. However, you can also check our other list of Top class Machetes.

Is a Kukri a Machete?

The Kukri, sometimes also named as a Gurkha Blade, is a large sized sharp knife, close to the to the machete. It has all cutting features one can imagine in a good quality machete. Also Check Kukri Vs Machete.

Is a Kukri a good weapon?

Well, most of the kukri are considered as a good weapon to carry during the forest and jungle trips. These can chop, pierce, cut, slash down and clear almost everything.

Is a kukri a good survival knife?

Yes, the kukri is considered as good survival knives. Either you lost in a desert or diving deep in a dense jungle, the kukri is an excellent survival knife.


The Kukri is a knife that is close to machete in performance with some variant outlook. You must need to invest time so you buy the best kukri machete 2021 for personal or professional use. You can also check one of the best gladius kukri machetes in the world. These are sharp enough to cut down a big tree within no time, pierce the wood, chop the animal, and even can cut down fish.

These are idea for survival times, even when you lost in the desert. Use these machetes in backyard cutting or eve in daily kitchen cutting tasks.So, what’s your plans to buy this machete? We recommend to review the top 10 best kukri machetes stated above and then select what stands fit for your use.


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