10 Best Diamond Sharpening Stone [September 2021]

best diamond sharpening stone

The use of stones for sharpening knives is not a new trend. Humankind has utilized a wide range of stones for different sharpening jobs.

However, there are some complexities with those conventional pocket knife sharpeners.

Best Diamond Sharpening Stones are the perfect choice for sharpening multiple cutting tools without any hassle!

The quality diamond sharpening stones are second to none when offering the required grade for optimum sharpening.

They are more convenient to use and provide enhanced speed with reduced wastage of effort and time on the part of users. They are also durable and maintain their flat shape throughout their lifespan.

The best broadhead diamond sharpening stone remained expensive in the past. However, you can quickly get a highly efficient diamond stone for sharpening card scrapers within a limited budget.

You have to define your requirements before you jump in to grab the one that sounds attractive. The question of what is the best diamond sharpening stone woodworking has always troubled many.

After analyzing a wide variety of potential choices, we have made our final list of the best diamond sharpening stone sets. You should select the one that perfectly matches your requirements.

Comparision of 10 Best Diamond Sharpening Stone

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Types of Sharpening Stones

Stones used to sharpen knives are found in both natural and synthetic materials. These are rectangular blocks with flat surfaces but differ in characteristics according to their type. They are found in the following three types:

  • Oil Stones
  • Water Stones
  • Diamond Stones.

1.Oil Stones

These stones are made by using Aluminum-oxide or Silicon Carbide. They are man-made stones available in two different material forms. The particles of these materials are bound together by using a binding agent.

The abrasive particles are either made of Aluminum-oxide or Silicon carbide. Aluminum Oxide abrasive particles are very hard and produce dangerously sharp edges.

While both of these materials need oil to lubricate and start to initiate the sharpening process. That is from where these stones derive their name as Oil stones.

2.Water Stones

Water stones are available in both natural and synthetic forms. These stones are called water stones because such stones need water for lubrication.

Natural water stones are quite expensive and are found in Belgium and Japan. Since the 17th century, Belgium is the major exporter of these water whetstones.

These whetstones are available in the highest grids of 8000 and 4000. While the Japanese water stone is becoming scarce now.

It is available near Kyoto city of Japan, once they are found they are cut into regular blocks and is now found in Japan only.

These stones are available in 500 to 10,000 grit. Synthetic Water stones are man-made and are available in grit sizes ranging from 120- 30,000. But these stones wear off quickly.

3.Diamond Sharpening Stones

A diamond sharpener is the most popular type of whetstone used nowadays. These stones are made of human-made diamond particles embedded on an electric plate.

These stones are highly durable, quick in performance, and produce sharp edges. Moreover, these stones undergo minimum wear upon regular use and require little maintenance.

But good quality Diamond stones are expensive, although cheap diamond stones are also available in the market their quality is not reliable.

Diamond Sharpening Stone Vs Whetstone 

Regular sharpening stones are also known as whetstones are popular among knife users overages, these whetstones are available in both synthetic and natural forms with a wide range of grit sizes.

Best diamond stones are expensive but durable enough to last for 2 to 4 years. Well, the choice merely depends upon the type of blade that you are going to sharp.

Diamond stones work well with stainless steel, but for high carbon steel traditional stones are always recommended. Furthermore, diamond stones are not messy to work along.

For a traditional whetstone, you need to keep up the lubrication normally of water or oil, so that the stone grit doesn’t get block, this all makes the process messy.

On contrary, diamond stones are easy to carry, smaller in size, and the grit doesn’t clog, and even if it gets clogged it is easy to clean it up.

Talking about price, many diamond sharpening blocks are available at a low price but these stones are not durable and usually fail to produce sharp edges. A fine grit diamond stone is relatively much higher in price but is highly reliable and durable.

Thus to conclude it all, diamond stones are easy to carry, easy to clean up, durable but a bit expensive, while the traditional whetstones are messy to work along, hard to clean, and get clogged if not maintained properly.

Hence, knife sharpening is an art, and one masters it by practice and experience. But whatever sharpening stone you own, take care not to be aggressive or put pressure on the blade when sharpening.

Most people assume that putting pressure on the blade while sharpening will produce a shaped edge but it is not the case, you will end up with a blunt blade instead.

Understand the alloys and knife material first, then check if the blade is wide, narrow, long, or small, now determine the best angle and stone to start sharpening. If you master the proper technique then every whetstone will become easy for you to use.

Reviews: 10 Best Diamond Sharpening Stone 2021

1. Ultra Sharp Diamond Sharpening Stone Set

The first one on our list contains a perfect combination of features that contribute to making it our top priority. It constitutes the best brand diamond sharpening stone. The combination of three sharpening stones enhances the desirability of this set. A complete range of sharpening stones in the set translates into extended use.

Another top-notch aspect of this set is its application to a wide variety of cutting tools. You can use the stones in the set to sharpen a variety of knives for household use. Not only that, but it also suits many other tools, including many machete types and ceramic knives.

The availability of an adjustable stone case is also included in the set that makes sharpening different tools a breeze! The stone holder is beneficial in many ways. Most importantly, it eases the process of sharpening and prevents injuries to a large extent.

In our opinion, this set from Ultra Sharp is the best diamond stone for sharpening. It contains a perfect combination of features that makes it our top priority. The presence of a set of 3 stones with a highly efficient adjustable stone case enhances the set’s desirability.

  • 3 sharpening stones
  • Multiple uses
  • Adjustable stone case
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Information sheets included water

  • Expensive

2. SHARPHOS Double Sided Diamond Sharpening Stone

The second on our list is the champion from Sharphos that is the perfect tool for sharpening kitchen knives besides chisels. If you are looking for a sharpening stone that does not cost much and works perfectly well for kitchen use, this one might be the perfect one for you. Additionally, you can sharpen a variety of scissors without any hassle using the stone.

If you are looking for the best monocrystalline electroplated diamond sharpening stone with the reduced hassle, you may consider buying this one from Sharphos. The stones’ electroplating in this item enhances the desirability and ease of operation of the sharpening stones.

Another top-notch aspect of the stone is its ease of use. Unlike many others on the market, it does not require any water or oil involvement for sharpening the edges of the stone. Instead, it works right out of the box and works perfectly well for sharpening a wide range of tools.

In our opinion, Sharphos’ sharpening stone is the runner-up. The presence of electroplated stone makes it a perfect sharpening tool for kitchen use. It is easy to use and works right out of the box. You do not require any oil to get your kitchen tools sharpened.

  • Perfect for kitchen use
  • Monocrystalline electroplated stone
  • Easy to use
  • Does not require oil
  • Works right out of the box

  • The quality of glue in this double-sided sharpening stone needs improvement.

3. Smith’s Diamond Tri-Hone Bench Stone

Smith’s sharpening stone is the perfect sharpening tool for larger knives and woodworking tools, including many mighty machetes and kukris. The overall design and build quality of the device enhances its desirability for larger blades. However, it is pertinent to mention you should first learn how to get those bigger knives sharpened without injuries.

We find it interesting that this item is the availability of a small pad that works for smaller tools. Its perfection for more significant devices does not restrict its ability to hone smaller kitchens and utility tools. That is why we would recommend this tool if you are looking for a tool that works fine with smaller knives.

The presence of rubber feet in the tool prevents slipping. In this way, you can quickly sharpen your device without worrying about injuries. However, we do not recommend any careless usage of the tool.

In our opinion, Smith’s sharpening stone is the perfect one for larger knives. You also get a micro pad that sharpens smaller cutting tools. The availability of rubber feet prevents injuries and increases the speed of operation.

  • Perfect for bigger knives
  • Micro-pad for smaller tools
  • Rubber feet prevent slipping
  • Excellent sharpening surface
  • Compact

  • It requires oil for sharpening.

4. Trend Classic Pro Double-Sided Diamond Sharpening Stone

This sharpening stone from Trend store is the perfect tool for sharpening chisels besides many cutting tools. The presence of a top-notch design of the stone enhances its desirability for honing chisels. Also, you can easily use the tool for many kitchen-related tools.

The speed of operation is the defining feature of the device that makes it one of the best diamond sharpening stone. Many sharpening stones commonly found on the market fail to impress when it comes to offering optimum speed. However, the opposite is true for this item from Trend store. The ultimate speed is the result of its impressive overall design.

Some users might argue that the item is not flat for them. There could be several justifications given for this argument. However, we believe flatness is not an issue with the 300 grit side, making it a perfect tool for sharpening planes and chisels.

In our opinion, this one from Trend store makes an ideal choice for chisels and planes. The perfect flatness on the 300 grit side makes it a top-notch device for chisels. Additionally, you will love the speed of operation on this sharpening tool. As a result, you will enjoy a seamless performance without any hassle.

  • The best diamond sharpening stone for chisels
  • Excellent speed
  • Consistent scratch pattern
  • Perfect flatness on the 300 grit side
  • Sturdy performance

  • Not perfectly flat on the 1000 grit side

5.  Diamond Whetstone Models Sharpen5.  Diamond Whetstone Models Sharpener in Hard Wood Boxer in Hard Wood Box

The most important aspect of this diamond sharpening stone is the availability of 3 bench stones that suit different situations. The 9/1200 mesh size is suitable for tools with refined edges. The 25/ 600 mesh design is ideal for knives with dull sizes. Additionally, you will find the 45/ 325 mesh size suitable for general cutting tools to bring them to cutting capacity.

Another tremendous aspect of this sharpening stone is that it does not require water or oil for seamless operation. It enhances the speed of sharpening besides saving some dollars for you. Most specifically, the absence of oil on the sharpening stone’s surface makes it suitable for all working conditions.

Safety is another prominent aspect of this item. The availability of a wooden box in the package enhances the desirability of this item. Not only that, but it also improves the useful life of the item. The safe storage container prevents users from accidental injuries and protects the stones from harmful things.

In our opinion, you may consider buying this item if you are looking for different mesh sizes. It enhances the usefulness of the device and makes it useful for many conditions. You will not require water and oil to operate the machines for a seamless operation. Additionally, the availability of a wooden container increases the safety of this stone from DMT.

  • Different mesh sizes
  • Oil-free operation
  • Enhanced safety
  • Quicker operation
  • Efficient design

  • The quality of extra fine stone needs improvement.

6. DMT WM8CX  DuoSharp Plus Bench Stone Coarse

One of the most crucial aspects of this stone from the DMT store is the high-quality material in this sharpening stone. Highly efficient material translates into better performance and enhanced desirability of the DMT sharpening stones reviews. It also provides users with results that match their expectations.

Durability is another prominent aspect of this sharpening stone. As mentioned earlier, high-quality material in the item produces better performance coupled with tremendous durability. Additionally, the presence of a wide sharpening area allows the users to use it in a variety of settings.

The presence of an extra coarse diamond in the package is beneficial for users in many ways. Most importantly, it helps users to repair the damaged edges of the tool. The monocrystalline surface enhances the speed of sharpening and saves users plenty of time.

In our opinion, if you are looking for a durable solution to sharpening knives, you may consider buying this one from DMT. High-quality material, highly efficient design, and extra coarse diamond are the defining aspects of this tool.

  • High-quality material
  • Durability
  • Wide-sharpening area
  • Extra coarse diamond
  • Repairing of damaged edges
  • You cannot use this bench stone to flatten other stones.

7. Atoma Diamond Sharpener Medium 

The next on our list is the champion from Atoma. It contains all the features of high-quality sharpening stone at a competitive price. It is one of the best budget diamond sharpening stones. Regardless of the lower price, it offers appreciable features that do the job in the best way possible.

If you are looking for a diamond sharpening stone that is easy to use due to the efficient overall design, you may consider buying this one from the Atoma store. The package includes flat stones that are easy to use and get the job done with reduced hassle.

Not every sharpening stone on the market is perfectly flat. However, you can rely on the flatness these stones offer. However, we would recommend that you use plenty of water whenever required during the sharpening process. As water is the best lubricant for diamond stone sharpening, it prevents stones from clogging and enhances the efficiency of sharpening stones. It is the best way to clean the diamond sharpening stone.

In our opinion, Atoma’s sharpening stone offers a high value for money in this list of the best diamond sharpening stone sets. The presence of exceptional flatness on the stones, top-notch speed of operation, and ease of use on this device make it the best cheap diamond sharpening stone.

  • High value for money
  • Easy to use
  • Speedy sharpening
  • Easy to lubricate
  • Excellent lapping stone

  • Not perfect for swords

8. SHARPAL Diamond Whetstone Knife Sharpener 

Sharpal’s sharpening stone is another stone with monocrystalline electroplating. The steel base of perfect thickness enhances the usefulness and desirability of the device in many ways. Most importantly, it produces speedy results with minimum lag.

The availability of a dual-grit system increases the functionality of the device. The coarse 325 grit helps deal with edge settings on most cutting tools. On the other hand, the 1200 grit is useful for honing many other cutting tools. You can quickly sharpen many things regardless of their thickness and rigidity.

The overall package of the item is impressive. You get ample storage coupled with a rubber pad that prevents slipping. In this way, you can quickly sharpen many things without worrying about the injuries due to slipping.

In our opinion, Sharpal’s sharpening stone may be the perfect choice for people who love the dual-grit system. The double grit system enhances the usefulness of the device. Impressive storage, coupled with a non-slip rubber pad, enhances the desirability of the item.

  • Dual-grit system
  • Monocrystalline electroplating
  • Top-notch steel base
  • MirrorFlat technology
  • Storing case included

  • Customer care services need improvement.

9. Adust Knife Diamond Sharpening Stone Kit

This diamond stone sharpening kit is famous for its easy maintenance. Not every diamond sharpening tool offers easy care of the device, which ultimately requires more effort and time. However, a highly efficient design of this tool results in easy maintenance of the sharpening item.

The availability of a bracket tool in the package is beneficial for users in many ways. Most specifically, it helps maintain the flatness of the stone and reduces lag. It balances the flatness during use for perfect sharpening.

The universal base in the package is also beneficial for users in many ways. It enhances the overall weight of the package and helps in maintaining balance during use.

In our opinion, you may consider buying this thing if you are looking for a sharpening stone that is easy to maintain.

  • Easy to maintain
  • The bracket tool maintains flatness
  • Perfect for honing
  • Monocrystalline diamonds
  • Universal base for balance

  • The gripping power of the base needs enhancement.

On our list, the last item is the champion from the DMD store that is the perfect item for whetstone flatting besides sharpening plenty of kitchen devices.

The overall weight and build quality of the item enhances its desirability for whetstone flatting. It is one of the best diamond stones for knife sharpening.

The combination of aluminum and stainless steel in the item enhances this sharpening item’s durability, which translates into a better life for the instrument. The use of aluminum in the tool makes it one of the best sharpening diamond stones for restaurant use.

If the ease of wiping off is your desired characteristic of the stone in the category of the best diamond stone for knife sharpening, you may consider buying this one from the DMD store. You will not have any issues regarding the cleaning of the stone due to its impressive design.

In our opinion, this item from DMD may be an ideal choice for you if you are looking for a sharpening stone for light to medium use.

  • Ideal for whetstone flatting
  • Suitable for kitchen items
  • Easy to clean
  • Combination of steel and aluminum
  • Perfect for light use

  • Requires honing oil
  • Does not have a handle for holding

Buyer’s Guide: Best Diamond Sharpening Stone

If you are worried about your kitchen knife, a hunting knife, or even a pocket knife sharpness and rely alone on the honing rods that usually common along with the tool, then surely are at the biggest mistake!

Immediately switch to the best diamond sharpening stone and say Goodbye to all those dull blades you own today. Let’s understand what the diamond knife sharpening system is and what should you look into it before buying any.

1.Manufacturing Quality 

Diamond plate sharpening stone is the other name given to diamond sharpening stones. These stones are human-made, were artificially created diamond particles are mounted on the electric plate. These particles are found in different sizes that determine the quality of the stone.

They can be both mono-crystalline or polycrystalline and are categorized as continuous or non-continuous diamond sharpening stones. Furthermore below is a complete list of features that you should look upon before making any purchase decision.

2.Diamond hone stone

To hone a stone means to maintain its edge. Honing is a process in which your knife will not get sharp but only its edge will be maintained.

It is because sharpening requires the removal of the upper particle layer of the metal to get the crispy one lying beneath. But honing will only push the metal articles to maintain their alignment.

Traditional honing rods or diamond hone stone serve this job best but these rods are not meant for sharpening the blade.

3.Diamond stone grits

Grit defines the coarseness of stone particles. The higher the coarseness the sharper the blade will be. That is why fine sharpening stones are highly coarse that makes them capable to remove tiny particles above the metal and make it crispy shiny.

Diamond Whetstones are available in different grit sizes ranging from 120- 10,000 coarse sizes. These stones are categorized as the best fine and medium sharpening stones according to their grid size. You should prefer fine-grit ranging 600-1000 and above to own a durable and reliable stone.

4.Diamond Sharpening Block Size

All the sharpening stones have flat surfaces. Their size is crucial in lieu of safety. The larger the surface area of the stone the safer the stone is to work along.

Diamond Sharpening stones are found in continuous and non-continuous diamond surfaces of about 3 inches and 12-8 inches width. 12 inches block provides more surface area to the blade.

These names are given according to their hole sizes. Both are found in mono-crystalline and polycrystalline forms. The stone coarseness is another size factor to consider and is discussed above in detail.

5.Material of the Diamond Sharpening Stone

The material of the sharpening stone determines its longevity and performance. High grid stones are hard and produce eminently sharped blades like Norton diamond stones. These hard small diamond sharpening stones retain their shapes and the surface, making them more durable.

Many soft materials sharpening stones are also available in the market like quad diamond sharpening stones but these stones deform quickly but you don’t need to work for long as these stones are meant to sharpen the knife quickly.

6.Understand your Knife Material

It is very important to understand your knife material and its current sharpness before deciding which stone you are going to purchase. Your knife could be of any following materials:

• Ceramic Blade
• Carbon steel
• Stainless Steel
• Titanium Blades

The harder the blade is the finer the grit you need to make it sharp or vice versa. But most of the sharpening stones do sharp the blade but do not give any finishing touch.

Finest grits produce both the sharpness and razor finish but such finer ones are too expensive to afford. That is why it is recommended to buy a two-sided Sharpening stone with different coarseness at both sides.

Conclusion – <Our Top 3 Picks>

In this detailed guide, we have reviewed the best diamond sharpening stone sets. The following conclusive remarks about our top picks would further help you select the best one for you.

Ultra Sharp Diamond Sharpening Stone is the champion of all. It contains a perfect combination of features that makes it our top priority. The presence of a set of 3 stones with a highly efficient adjustable stone case enhances the set’s desirability.

SHARPHOS Double-Sided Diamond Sharpening Stone is the runner-up. It is easy to use and works right out of the box. You do not require any oil to get your kitchen tools sharpened.

Atoma Diamond Sharpener Medium – #400 offers a high value for your money. The exceptional flatness on the stones, top-notch speed of operation, and ease of use on this device make it the best cheap diamond sharpening stone.


How do you clean diamond stones?

To clean a diamond stone spray any cleaner is a degreaser on the surface of the stone and leave it for some time. It will make all the debris plush up. Now take any brush with nylon bristles and rub over the stone. Be gentle, no need to be harsh or put pressure. Rinse it with plain water in the end.

What is the best diamond sharpening stone?

“Ultra Sharp” is the best diamond sharpening stone. It is flat and does not hollow out if used frequently. Moreover, coarse stones of 120-400 grit, 1200-1500 grit, and 600-1000 grit are the best diamond sharpening stones.

How long does a diamond sharpening stone last?

Like any other sharpening stone, Diamond Stone also undergoes wear and tear. Although they are flat and expensive but if used frequently on daily basis for few years, these stones will also wear off. It is observed that diamond stones last around 10-20 years subject to their usage.

Who makes the best diamond sharpening stones?

“Ultra Sharp and SHARPHOS” makes the best diamond sharpening stones and other diamond sharpening tools. They produce the finest grid quality of up to 8000 grit and produce extraordinary fine diamond patterns across the stones that immediately got their standing among knife and other blades lovers.

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